The Sexless Tribe App makes it easy for sexually abstinent Christians to access abstinence resources, find  accountability partners, form friendships, & make romantic connections.
TST Social is where you find community in The Sexless Tribe app! Create a profile, make posts, and get advice & encouragement from other abstinent people. (Think Facebook, but with abstinent people from all around the world.)
The TST Resource Catalog gives you access to abstinence resources. It has you covered from books to podcasts. Watch an interview or find a book to help you combat temptation!
TST Meetings take place twice a month via Zoom. Tribe Talk (coed) is every 1st Sunday of the month & the Women's Check-In & Men's Check-In is every 3rd Sunday of the month. All meetings allow abstinent people to come together LIVE, ask questions & get advice from other people that are on the same journey.


 This isn't just an event, it's an experience. Too often, those who are abstinent feel alone, like they are the only ones who have stayed committed to this lifestyle. Truth is, there are many abstinent Christians, they're just spread out across the world. The Meet Up Experience's goal is to gather everyone in one space, creating the opportunity for new friendships & possible romantic connections.
You don't have to live this abstinence lifestyle alone. There is an entire tribe waiting to meet you at The Meet Up Experience! The space and opportunity is being created for you... Will you take advantage of it by attending The Meet Up Experience?
Do you have a resource (a book, podcast, blog, apparel line, etc.) that you believe could be helpful to people living an abstinence lifestyle? Let's get it featured in The Sexless Tribe's App Resource Catalog! Click the Resource Submission button below to get started.

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People often send messages sharing how The Sexless Tribe's free resources have changed their lives. It has helped them stay committed to their decision to live an abstinent lifestyle. If you would like to show your appreciation and support our mission, become a TRIBE Supporter. Please click the button below to learn more. All support is greatly appreciated.


Subtle Reminders help hold you accountable with every piece you wear.  Whether it's your Statement  T-Shirt,  Promise Ring, or Scripture  Wristband, wherever temptation is, your Subtle Reminder will be there reminding you not to give in.
The While Abstaining... podcast  is the podcast for the edification of the Abstinent Christian! Tune in  as Shakia and guest as they share their advice on various abstinence topics based on scripture & their personal experiences.