We strive to support abstinent Christians by providing them with tangible resources, safe open forums, and a like-minded community to help them
 remain committed to their abstinence decision.


1ST THESSALONIANS 4:3 It is God's will that you should be sanctified: that you should avoid sexual immorality.



We are a Christian community who uses God's word as the guide as to how to live a life honoring Him.


 We take on a lot of roles, but our first role is servant. We are committed to continuously serving The Tribe and the body of Christ, in different capacities.


We don't believe more is always better.
Therefore when it comes to providing resources and hosting events, we will always choose quality over quantity.


We use our creativity, talents and skills to come up with
innovative ways to serve The Tribe and body of Christ.


 The Sexless Tribe App makes it easy for sexually abstinent Christians to access abstinence resources,
 find  accountability partners, form friendships, & make romantic connections.
TST Social is where you find community in The Sexless Tribe app! Create a profile, discover abstinent people near you, make posts,  and get advice & encouragement from others. (Think Facebook, but with abstinent people from all around the world.)
TST Catalog gives you access to abstinence resources in The Sexless Tribe app. It has you covered from blogs to podcasts, & everything in-between. Watch a video on how to overcome masturbation, or find a book to help you combat temptation!

  The monthly COED Zoom discussions allows abstinent people to come together LIVE, ask questions & get advice from fellow abstinent goers. You never know what questions are going to be asked, but you better believe there will always be answers given.

Who is The Sexless Tribe? 

The Sexless Tribe started from an Instagram live show called Sexless Situations where dozens of committed viewers would tune in faithfully each week. With each new episode, the viewers who were once strangers began to know each other by name, bonded over inside jokes and shared testimonies of how great it felt to be connected with like-minded people.
Well, those dozens have grown to thousands of  men and women from all around the world who have made the  commitment to abstain from premarital sex. The Sexless Tribe is  you and any other Christian who  makes the decision to live a sexually abstinent lifestyle until marriage.   


The Asubtle Reminder merchandise helps you to proactively manage temptation by keeping you aware and focused on your path. Whether it's your Statement  T-Shirt,  18k Gold Promise Ring, or Scripture  Wristband,  wherever temptation is, your Subtle Reminder will be there reminding you not to give in.


TST YouTube features The Abstinent Men series & Sexless Situations show where
 abstinent people share their journey & advice for living an abstinent lifestyle.
Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to be alerted when new interviews premier !

support  tst 

People often send messages sharing how The Sexless Tribe's free resources have changed their lives by helping them stay committed to their decision to live an abstinent lifestyle. If you would like to show your appreciation and support our mission, then become a TST Supporter. You can now help us improve the community and expand our reach by becoming a monthly supporter through our TST Patreon page. Please click the buttons below to learn more. Any support would be greatly appreciated.

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